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The Marketing Coordinator at Ingwe Immigration will be responsible for coordinating and implementing marketing strategies that align with the unique needs of the immigration industry and the company’s different target markets. This role requires a deep understanding of the immigration sector and the ability to track and respond to relevant events and announcements on government platforms.

Main Responsibilities

– Formulating and executing a marketing strategy in alignment with the company’s established KPIs and the changing immigration landscape. This process encompasses comprehensive market research, data analysis, and the creation of tailored direct and digital marketing campaigns that cater to the distinct needs of each target market or region, taking into account cultural nuances and consumer behavior patterns.

– Keeping track of relevant events, announcements, and changes on government platforms related to immigration policies and regulations. Using this information to adjust marketing strategies as needed and to inform the team and clients of important updates.

– Creating, coordinating and implementing the marketing activities for the B2B streams of the company, working and collaborating on content creation and scheduling both for offline and online purposes.

Activities include:

· Participating in industry-relevant events in Canada and overseas, as well as preparation of presentation materials, coordination of logistics, facilitation of team travel arrangements, and conducting post-event follow-up to maximize the value of each interaction.

· Fostering relationships with key B2B stakeholders in the immigration sector, by facilitating Networking events, collaborative projects, partnerships opportunities, etc.

· Arranging interviews for client testimonials, webinars and other media events.

– Assess characteristics of services provided including revenue per stream, in order to determine marketing needs. This includes understanding the specifics of immigration services, identifying unique selling points, and tailoring marketing efforts to highlight these aspects.

– Monitoring and updating the company’s website content as needed, as well as growing and maintaining the company’s main social media accounts such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

– Manage and grow the company’s YouTube channel. This includes creating engaging content, optimizing videos for SEO, tracking analytics, and leveraging these insights to improve future content.

– Working with online tools to help design and implement lead intake and pre-assessment forms, which will streamline the initial client contact process, enhance data collection, and contribute to a more efficient customer service experience.

– Designing and implementing marketing materials such as brochures and newsletters to overseas partners and feeds.

– Designing, customizing and implementing emailing campaigns and other communication strategies with leads/clients/ partners through the company’s CRM.

– Managing post campaign/ event analysis to measure and report on marketing metrics and result and adjust strategies and activities accordingly.

– Managing and coordinating with outsourced resources and/or contractors for visual design assets, content writing, video editing, etc. to implement as per schedule and marketing plan, ensuring their work aligns with the company’s brand and marketing goals. This includes providing clear briefs, managing deadlines, and providing feedback.


– A university degree in marketing and advertisement, or related field, or equivalent work experience as a marketing coordinator for the immigration industry.

– A minimum of 1 year of experience in the legal services/immigration industry in Canada is mandatory.

– A minimum of 1 year of experience managing and growing a YouTube channel is an asset.

– Familiarity with cultural nuances, consumer behavior, and market trends for different regions is an asset.

– Experience managing freelance contractors is an asset.

– IT knowledge, specially of Joomla for Website Management, Keap, and Notion, is an asset.

***Cover Letter required***

Job Type: Permanent/ Full-time

Salary: $32.42 per hour

35.00 hours per Week

Benefits – company covers 50% of plan fees

– Health benefits

– Dental plan

– Health care plan & Paramedical services coverage

– Vision care benefits

Financial benefits

– Life insurance

Work conditions and physical capabilities

– Tight deadlines

– Fast-paced environment

– Attention to detail

Own tools/equipment

– Computer

– Internet access

Language requirement: Fluent in English

Schedule: Monday to Friday

Flexible hours

Work Location: Hybrid remote at 2300 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, M4P 1E4.

Expected start date: 2023-12-01

About Ingwe Immigration

INGWE Immigration Inc. is a global mobility solutions provider assisting families, businesses, and individuals to move across borders. We have a multicultural team speaking over 8 languages assisting clients from over 50 countries. We strive on a very diverse and inclusive remote work environment which has allowed us to grow our operations and services over the past 5 years.