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As a sales secretary, your duties include:

Support the sales team and ensuring smooth operations within our organisation.

  1. Administrative Support: Provide general administrative assistance to the sales team, such as managing correspondence, handling phone calls, scheduling appointments, arranging meetings, and maintaining sales-related documentation.
  2. Customer Interaction: Serve as a point of contact for customers, responding to inquiries, providing information about products or services, and directing calls or messages to the appropriate salesperson.
  3. Sales Coordination: Assist in coordinating and tracking sales activities, including preparing sales reports, monitoring sales targets, maintaining sales databases, and managing sales-related documentation, such as contracts or purchase orders.
  4. Order Processing: Receive and process customer orders, ensuring accuracy and timely delivery. Collaborate with other team members to facilitate order fulfilment.
  5. Sales Team Support: Assist sales representatives by preparing sales presentations, proposals, and quotations. Help maintain sales collateral, brochures, and product information materials.
  6. Record Keeping: Maintain and update sales records, customer databases, and other sales-related documentation. Keep track of customer interactions, sales progress, and follow-ups.
  7. Meeting and Event Coordination: Assist in organising sales meetings, conferences, trade shows, or events by coordinating logistics, preparing materials, and handling registrations.
  8. Data Analysis: Analyse sales data, such as revenue figures, sales performance, or customer trends, to generate reports or provide insights to the sales team or management.
  9. Communication and Collaboration: Facilitate effective communication and collaboration between the sales team and other departments within the organisation. Act as a liaison between the sales team and external stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, or partners.

You need to complete at least some secondary education. You have to be a responsible person, have good working ethics, and be able to communicate in English. The ability to speak or communicate with other languages, especially in Chinese, will be considered as an asset.

This is a full time permanent position. The salary is $30.00 per hour. You will get 15 days of paid vacation annually. We offer competitive salaries and good benefit. If you are a good candidate, please email your resume to apply. We thank you for all the applications. Only those qualified will be contacted for interview.