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A Mississauga based company requires a full time person with the following experience:

$24.00 /Hour, Full Time,  35 Hours/Week + Health Benefits

–        Good command of English & written skills

–        Read and interpret blueprints and welding process specifications

–        Operate Manual and semi-automatic welding equipment that can fuse metal segments using processes such as Arc Welding ( GTAW ) Plama arc Welding ( PAW ) and oxy-acetylene welding ( OAW )

–        Welding ungrounded thermocouple junction tips from as small as 0.020”/0.063” diameter mineral insulated thermocouple cable using Micro TIG welding machine (GTAW).

–        Welding 0.005” diameter thermocouple conductors using a Capacitive discharge welding machine

–        Micro Tig Welding (OAW), brazing of small RTD and Thermistors lead wires.

–        Experience in operating Micro Sand Blaster, Flashing machine, Custom built Molding Machines for thermocouple manufacturing.


–        Experience in Tubular heater bending using a Customized Diacro Tubular bending machine.

–        Interpret heater drawings and then calculate the necessary bend radii, heated lengths, cold sections etc taking into account the variables caused by “stretching”