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Looking for a Shawarma Chef/Cook with butchering experience to join LAZEEZ Shawarma  on a permanent basis. As a Cook, you will be in charge of running the kitchen and developing the menu, as well as preparing and cooking meals or dishes that satisfies our standards and themes. As a Butcher, you will be in charge of cutting, deboning and creating the shawarma marinades

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Lazeez Shawarma offers a variety of grilled Middle Eastern Halal foods with the most opting for either chicken or beef shawarma as a wrap  or a plate. We have more than 40 stores across the GTA with great success. Our menu focus on authentic flavors, freshness and above all, great taste. Spiced to perfection, marinated right, and topped with our signature sauces, our food hits the local taste buds hard. Lazeez has since become the go-to place for those who love delicious flavors of the Middle East.