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Oceans Flooring operates in flooring installation, removal and repairs. Our work includes stairs. We are looking to hire a technician to expand our operations involving floors and stairs.
As noted, we are offering 41 dollars per hour. You will work 40 hours a week on a fixed schedule. Your work locations will vary. You must have a valid ON driver’s license. Company will provide a vehicle.
Completion of high school is required. Please send your resume, portfolio, cover letter and references to eldinlame9@gmail.com.
In this role, you will perform the following duties:
1) Inspect, measure, mark, and repair flooring or stairs surfaces;
2) Measure, cut and fasten underlay and underpadding;
3) Measure, cut and install carpeting using hand, machines or bonding materials;
4) Stretch carpeting using equipment;
5) Secure carpeting to floor or stairs using device;
6) Measure, cut and install floor coverings using adhesive or other hand tools;
7) Install hardwood floors, strip floors, block floors, or plank floors;
8) Estimate material and labour costs;
9) Report to management regarding performance progress, budget concerns or customer/client concerns.

About Oceans Flooring Inc.

We operate in flooring installation, repairs and removal. Our work includes stairs.