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Position: Meat Cutter

Employment type: Full time, permanent and indeterminate

Salary: $23/H

Working hours: 40 hours per week

Work location: 3129 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5J9

Opened in October 2020, Paramount BBQ Restaurant Ltd. is located in the heart of Kingsway, the principal corridor between Metrotown and downtown Vancouver. Just steps away from public transportation. The culinary artists at Paramount BBQ Restaurant take great pride in handcrafting each northeast Chinese BBQ style dish to ensure every visit to their restaurant is unforgettable. Guests rave about their diverse BBQ menus as well as their four treasure delicious dishes. Since its opening, the restaurant dedicated to deliver innovative and authentic northeast Chinese BBQ to its customers. It soon become known as a place that unites the culture and heritage of the Orient with rich memories of home, which evokes feeling of warmth and ease through its elegant and comfortable surroundings. In Paramount BBQ Restaurant, guests can relax and reminisce about cherished time spend with family and friends. The cuisine is reminiscent of its homeland that it will transport you to s simple time where the focus was trained on exquisite taste, excellent service, and stellar presentative.

We are looking for a Meat Cutter to join our team.

Main Duties:

·       Receive meat and poultry for cutting and slicing, removing bones, sinews and fatty tissues

·       Ensure that all meats are properly thawed, inspected for quality, and safe for consumption

·       Preparing whole fish and fillets into forms ready for cooking including weighing, deboning, filleting and portioning of a wide variety of fish to serve daily in our restaurant.

·       Slice meats or seafood into portions of the appropriate thickness or weight, ensuring consistency for each serving

·       Inspect and store meat upon delivery and ensure meat quality

·       Season and marinate meats according to the restaurant’s recipes and standards

·       Stock and arrange the Meat Cooler in accordance with approved food safety

·       Complies with all health and hygiene requirements under all food safety legislation

·       Assist with kitchen operations, including scheduled cleaning and sanitizing of appliances, counters, cupboards and drawers

·       Properly store and handle meats to avoid spoilage and foodborne illnesses

·       Transfer supplies and equipment between storage and work areas

·       Performs other related assignments as required by the kitchen Lead or the Kitchen Manager

Job Requirements:

·       Experience with general kitchen techniques is required

·       A solid understanding of different meat cuts

·       Must know how to use sharp knives and handle them carefully

·       Team player with a strong sense of responsibility

·       The ability to stand for long periods, lift heavy cuts of meat, and perform physically demanding tasks in a fast-paced kitchen environment

·       Readiness to work hard with a good attitude

·       Meticulous attention to detail

·       Good practical knife skills and hand-eye coordination.

·       Willing to work evenings, weekends and holiday

Method of application:

By email to: Qualified candidates should forward their C.V. in confidence to: paramountbbq2022@gmail.com

Only qualified candidates will be contacted.