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Job Requirement:

  1. Certificate or Diploma in Bakery/Pastry, or equivalent experience is required
  2. 1-2 years of work experience as a baker is required

Job Duties:
Crafting and preparing new baked goods
Ensuring every product meets the expectations of the customer and reflects well on the standards of the establishment
Ensuring the workstation is restocked and cleaned as needed
Keeping records of the bakery inventory, production levels, and deliveries
Inspecting each baked product to ensure it meets quality requirements
Displaying and decorating the finished products to make them client-ready
Making product improvement recommendations, responding to the needs of the customers, and accepting orders

Employment Type: Full time & permanent

Hourly wage: $17.00

Hours of work per week: 40 hours

Vacation Pay: 4%

Benefit: health insurance & transportation allowance

Send your resume to brian.tran@lalabakeshop.ca