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About Us

A Taste of Taiwanese Heritage. Born from the legacy of Yoshiko, who ingeniously transformed overripe pineapples into jams and refreshing drinks during Taiwan’s colonial era. Yifang’s fruit teas embody her spirit, using seasonal, local ingredients without additives. With an unwavering commitment to authenticity and the Made in Taiwan tradition, each sip transports you to Taiwan’s lush landscapes and the heartwarming essence of its people. Rediscover the timeless flavors that honor tradition and celebrate the vibrant tapestry of Taiwanese culture in every refreshing drop of Yifang Fruit Tea.


We are now looking for a Cashier to join our team. Please send your resume to Yifang.calgary@outlook.com.


Position Details

Vacancy: 1

Employment Type: Full-time, Permanent

Hourly Wage: $15.00

Weekly Hours: 30 to 40 hours

Location: Calgary, AB


Duties and Responsibilities

-Provide friendly and attentive customer service by greeting customers, answering their questions, and helping them with their orders.

-Accurately take customer orders, ensuring that all items are recorded correctly and processed efficiently.

-Handle cash, credit/debit card transactions, and mobile payment methods accurately, while maintaining proper cash register procedures.

-Have a thorough understanding of the menu offerings, including different fruit teas, flavors, and customization options, to assist customers in making informed choices.

– Assist in preparing and assembling drink orders by adding the appropriate ingredients and following the brand’s recipes and quality standards.

-Keep the cashier area and counter clean and organized, ensuring a tidy and appealing presentation to customers.

-Keep track of inventory levels for ingredients, cups, lids, and other supplies, alerting management when items need restocking.

-Double-check orders for accuracy before handing them to customers, ensuring that all requested items are included and prepared according to specifications.



-No Education Requirement

-Prior experience an asset