How to Hire Newcomer Workers

Hiring Newcomers wanting to work can be one of your greatest challenges in operating and growing your business. The good news is – If you looking at this website and the resources we provide, you’re taking the first step to helping Newcomers in Canada put the “Building Blocks” into place but also fill Entry Level roles to help maintain important staff coverage levels and create a method to transition Newcomers from having no Canadian experience to having job ready experience.

As NewcomersjobsCanada has identified from Newcomers and Employers, Newcomers are challenged trying to overcome the “conundrum” of “no Canadian experience = no job opportunity” cycle. The other good news is that Employers like your organization too are challenged trying to find good reliable people willing to start as Entry Level. Together by taking those first steps and putting the building blocks into place with offering Volunteer Experience Roles or Work Experience Roles, leading the way to building future Newcomer candidate relationships and methods to facilitate a continual and renewing pool of entry level employees to fill key roles.

We’re here to help at NewcomersjobsCanada!

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