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Overview Job Duties:

·  Approach a child’s learning years with enthusiasm and dedication
·  Keep open communication with the Principal and all teachers, report on children’s development and challenges through written observations
· Engage children in diverse educational activities such as storytelling, educational play, craft etc.

· Organize physical and social environment to extend and expand children’s play experience

· Arrange rooms and furniture for lunch and rest periods, assist with maintaining children centre’s equipment, housekeeping as well as prepare snacks

· Assist early childhood educator in implementing initiatives that enhance the growth and progress of children in their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social domains

· Set up daily routines to create embedded learning opportunities, encourage students to carry out daily routines

·  Document children’s activities-display, record students’ developmental achievements
·  Provide support and direction to children as they learn and cultivate appropriate routines for eating, dressing, and using the restroom

· Help all parents participate in their child’s education through open, eective and con- sistent communication channels

Job Requirements: Qualifications:

  • Early childhood educator assistant certificate
  • Completion of secondary school is required
  • Criminal Check will be required
  • English language fluency
  • Experience is an asset


Lesco Montessori Daycare offers full-day childcare program for children age 30 months to 6 years old. We are proud of our children's achievements and success. We give them a head-start in Language and Numeracy learning to prepare them for Elementary School. At the same time, we nurture their creativity, inquiry and innovations through playful, engaging activities specifically designed with our children's interests in mind. Lesco Montessori Daycare has been proudly serving local communities since 1996 and provides high quality childcare program in Richmond, BC.