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Paradise Landscaping Inc. In south Surrey, BC, is looking for full time landscaping labour for their maintenance crew. Wages at $20.00 per hour. Duties but not limit to. Spread top soil, lay sod, plant flowers, grass, shrubs and trees and perform other duties to assist with the construction of a landscape and related structures Cut grass, rake, aerate, dethatch, fertilize and water lawns, weed gardens, prune shrubs and trees and perform other maintenance duties as directed by supervisor. Maintain lawns and grass along roadsides. Operate and maintain power mowers, tractors, chain saws, electric clippers, sod cutters, pruning saws, snowblowers and other landscape maintenance equipment. Perform other manual duties to clean and maintain landscaped environments. Must be comfortable with heights up to 16 feet and using power hedges with extension poles, experience trimming vine maple and cherry trees. Valid driver’s license with the ability to drive a truck with utility trailer would be an asset. Outside work in all-weather condition.  Please submit resume to fax 604-846-6636 or kel.evolveimmigration@gmail.com