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Regina Real Estate Investment Corporation (RREIC) specializes in the research, advising and development of real estate projects. For more than a decade, it has served a diverse clientele including private and public parties, and it has received positive reviews from both groups. Currently, RREIC is seeking a full-time, permanent Legal Firm Manager who will be paid $56.41 an hour and will perform the following duties:

·         Customer service and interaction, including handling complaints and requests for more info;

·         Administrative work including organizing and drafting application forms and documents;

·         Managing and organizing budget and financial operations of business;

·         Marketing business services;

·         Contribute to and assist business project research, development and implementation;

·         Manage human resources needs, including the supervision, hiring and training of existing and future staff;

·         Report to President and Owner.

The work and business location is 2813 Danforth Ave., Toronto, ON M4C 1M2.

Please send resume, cover letter, and proof of relevant Bachelor’s education and 2 to 3 years of experience to worldimmigration@rogers.com. If you have questions, you may contact us at 1-416-698-6560 extension 203.