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Wage: 23-27/hr

time: 40 hrs/week

Work Location: Beavor Bank, NS

Permanent Employment, full time


Job requirements


Language: English

Education: high school, college diploma in civil engineering or construction preferred

Experience: 2 years in related field


Job description:


Analyze costs of and prepare estimates on construction projects.


Job duties:

1.Account for the cost of materials, labour and equipment needed for the project. Prepare estimates of probable costs of materials, labour and equipment for construction projects based on contract bids, quotations, schematic drawings, and specifications.

2.Keep track of the project as it proceeds and adjust the estimates.

3.Prepare cost and expenditure statements and forecasts at regular intervals for the duration of a project.

4.Manage and coordinate construction projects and prepare construction progress schedules.

5.Liaise, consult and communicate with engineers, architects, owners, contractors and subcontractors, and prepare economic feasibility studies on changes and adjustments to cost estimates.

6.Establish and maintain tendering process and set up cost monitoring and reporting systems and procedures.

7.Advise on tendering procedures, examine, and analyze tenders, recommend tender awards and conduct negotiations.


Skills and abilities:

Operating computer software programs

Reading and interpreting blueprints, maps, drawings, and project specifications.

Maintaining a directory of suppliers and trade contractors

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