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Job Summary:
As the Quality Manager for Stromcore Energy Inc.’s production & manufacturing division, you will be pivotal in ensuring the highest product quality standards and customer satisfaction. You will lead the development and implementation of quality management systems, overseeing inspection and testing processes to guarantee the reliability of our vast product line-up. Stromcore is a developing company and requires quick adaptation to a fast-paced work environment.

Location: 3750B Laird Rd Unit 1, Mississauga, ON L5L 0A6

Language: English

Type: Full-time / Permanent, In person.

Shift & Schedule: Monday to Friday, 8 hours/day, 40-44 hours/week.


Company Events
On-site parking
Casual Dressing
Paid Time off, Personal and Sick days allowances
Pay: $70,000 (Final package can vary based on overall profile)

Key Responsibilities:
The following are mandatory but not limited to:

Maintain Quality Standards
Maintaining quality checklists for hardware built, System Tested, and other peripheral assemblies performed under daily production targets. Provide consistent and accurate training to individuals.
Perform Data analysis
Acquire analytical data and process it to improve quality standards whenever possible. Practice In-depth research for complex issues that might occur for various reasons. Well-documented reports are necessary.
Document Quality Incident Report
Report and submit Incidents involving compromised quality standards and safety operations for review and action.
Develop and implement quality control systems (QMS).
Develop and manage a framework for monitoring supplier quality. Utilize every opportunity to identify potential problems and promote proactive solutions. Understand engineering schematics & design and R&D reports to develop work instructions and Guidelines.
Inspect for potential assembly mistakes. Provide work instruction revision. Calibrate all Power tools used and maintain their functionality. Conduct supplier quality assessments.
Problem-Solving approach
Correct issues to continually improve products and services
Customer Satisfaction
Validate Product details before shipment to fulfill customer’s specific requirements.
Communicate with the Production team to ensure work instructions are updated and acknowledged daily. Write descriptive work instructions for various processes involved and keep them updated.
Manage quality standards and measurements for the department or an individual. Expect supervision for 10-15 associates. Assist in monthly internal audits.

Bachelor’s degree or Higher in the following discipline:

Electrical and Electronics technologist or engineering
Electromechanical engineering
Mechanical engineering
Minimum of 3 years as a Quality Manager in Manufacturing (Electronics and Mechanical)
Training and Certification:
The following certifications are part of the training.

Pallet Truck and Hand tools safety
Electrical Safety Awareness
Any other Quality Management and safety-related certification will be an asset.

Skills Set & Personal Attributes:
Skills (Having these would be an asset)

MS Office
PCB design
Personal Attributes are a must:

Reliability, Dedication, Discipline, Productivity, Cooperation, Integrity