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Salary: $54.00/Hour

Job duties:

Develop and expand marketing campaigns that promote the Wealth business through multiple channels to attract potential clients
Design and implement marketing strategies that target high net-worth clients, particularly clients coming from Hong Kong and China
Liaise with Wealth partners to understand their requirements and develop effective marketing campaigns accordingly.
Direct and evaluate establishments and departments that develop and implement communication strategies and information programs
Plan, direct and evaluate the activities of firms and departments that develop and implement advertising campaigns to promote the sales of products and services
Advise clients on advertising or sales promotion strategies
Develop and organize workshops, meetings, ceremonies and other events for publicity, fundraising and information purposes


1.      Professional Experience: 1)     5+ years of experience in the wealth management industry.2)     proven strategic planning and business planning abilities; and3)     those who have overseas education backgrounds or foreign lawyer licenses in large international law firms are preferred;

2.      Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree is required;

3.      Characteristics:1)     the ability to put the client first with confidence and resilience. 2)     highly driven, self-motivated and possessing an entrepreneurial personality. 3)     exceptional communication skills with a proven track record of building long-term client relationships.

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