Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Regardless of the type or how many times you’ve interviewed before, there are a few vital interview mistakes to always avoid

Don’t Prepare

Preparation is key! Spend some time researching the company on their website and social media. This will give you a good idea of what they do as well as how they present themselves.

Don’t Look at the Job Posting before your Interview

During your preparation always look over the job posting a few times to ensure you really know what they are looking for. Think of examples as to how you meet the requirements and if you don’t, think of reasons why they should hire you anyways.


It’s always better to err on the safe side and overdress but use some of your prep time to see if you can figure out the level of dress worn and aim to match it. Never wear jeans or casual footwear.

Don’t check your Route/Plan your Commute

Being late happens, sometimes you can’t avoid it. Always plan your commute and give yourself extra time if possible. It’s helpful to have the interviewers contact information with you just in case. If you think you are going to be late due to traffic or a transit issue calling in is a good idea. Give the interviewer warning that there is an issue and let them know when you can be expected.

Chew Gum

Never chew gum or a candy in an interview. Try not to fidget if possible but don’t focus too much on that. If you’re thinking about not scratching your nose, you’re not listening to the interviewer.

Be Rude

Always be polite and professional in an interview. This includes shaking hands, thanking them at the end, being pleasant throughout and never using the time to rant about a current or past job or employer. If you are asked about your past issues mention them in a polite manner and pivot to what you learned from the experience.

Look at Your Phone

When you arrive at an interview you may be tempted to look at your phone to continue to prep. Try to avoid it if possible. If you are early and want to prep, do so before going into the office. The receptionist may be asked about your behavior and you don’t want to appear distracted and bored. Put your phone on silent before your interview starts and put it away. Not in your pocket if possible but in a purse or bag to show that you can be without it and you are 100% focused on the interview.

Don’t Follow Up

Following up after the interview with a quick thank you email is a must. Thank them for their time and provide them with any info they may have asked for. Don’t be overeager about the result of your interview, they will let you know.

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